Our Services

Community Care Solutions is looking for providers who are reliable, dedicated, and willing to make a difference in the lives of consumers. Our providers work with individuals with developmental disabilities by helping each individual achieve independence, working on stimulating activities, and helping consumers pursue their own interests.

Community Care Solutions is looking for providers who are qualified and competent to provide Respite, Habilitation, and/or Attendant Care while also providing warm, friendly emotional support.

Services you may be working:

  • Respite: Services designed to provide relief for the primary caregiver. This service provides for short-term care and supervision in accordance with the person?s Individual Support Plan. This service can be provided in the community, in the consumer?s home, or in the home of the provider (if certified).
  • Habilitation:
    Service designed to enhance skills in the area of self-care home-living, community use, communication, social, health, safety, leisure, self-direction, and functional academics. Our providers utilize the Individual Support Plan and the expressed expectations to develop habilitation objectives/goals and outcomes directed at realizing the consumers personal goals. These services can be provided in the community, in consumers home, or in the provider home (if certified).
  • Attendant Care:
    Service designed to ensure a level of self-reliance which has already been established. The focus of attendant care is to maintain a healthy and safe environment and respond to personal care needs. This service is based on the consumer?s specific needs, as identified in the Individual Support Plan and an Attendant Care Agreement.

Why Choose Community Care Solutions?

Check out our Provider Testimonials to hear from real employees who work for Community Care Solutions. We maintain great employee satisfaction by treating each employee with respect, providing regular employee recognition, employee perks, company activities, and positive management.