Community Care Solutions is well known for not only providing great services to families and consumers, but also for taking great care of our employees. We offer outstanding benefits to our providers including:

  • Competitive wages from $10.00-$13.50 per hour
  • Amazing customer service!
  • Free in-house training at a location closest to you
  • We offer Direct Deposit
  • Community Care Solutions makes it easy for providers to submit their billing, which can be on a bi-weekly or monthly basis
  • We are a local based company that allows you to talk directly with a home and community based professional for help and direction in navigating the complex process of Title 19 Services
  • We have 7 office locations to accommodate our families and providers needs

Working for Community Care Solutions is beneficial because we go above and beyond to keep our employees happy. We make sure that we are available at all times and will go out of our way to treat providers well. This helps to promote long term staffing and stability to our families. Consistency for consumers is very important.